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Yoga - just a bit of stretching?

This is what many people think, myself included, before I tried it. Then I understood. Not only do you have complete control over what your body does, but it also helps to calm the mind in a constantly changing busy society. Yoga helps us to reconnect with ourselves.

After spending several years as a primary school teacher, I decided I needed to address the issue of my work-life balance, or rather, the lack of it. Learning and gaining knowledge about various subjects is one of my passions and I decided to put this to good use by training to be a yoga instructor. Helping people to get the best out of themselves is extremely rewarding and the ethos behind yoga being non-competitive suits me completely! Anyone can do yoga, as long as they are willing.

Say Yes To Yoga was created out of a desire to help people feel good about themselves, pay attention to their bodies and accept who they are. You do not have to be the strongest, fittest or most flexible person to take part – I’m certainly not! And this is what I want to share with others.

Yoga Classes

I teach a variety of classes in Brownhills and Hammerwich, where you can go at your own pace with no judgement. These are suitable for beginners as modifications and variations are provided to cater for all levels.

Classes allow you to establish a regular yoga routine and meet with others. BOOKING ESSENTIAL 

I also offer 1:1 sessions in the home and online, created especially for your needs and abilities. 

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a technique of manipulating soft tissues in the shoulders and scalp through a range of different massage pressures and rhythms. It is an ideal way for a person to get away from everyday emotional and mental stress.

It works on areas affected by mental and emotional stress and is also said to improve circulation in the head, enhance the senses, improve memory and promote clear thinking.

From £20.


Take a look at my YouTube channel where you find a variety of classes, short sequences, breathing techniques and guided relaxations.


As it says on the tin, my podcast is where I talk about yoga and many other subjects, because life is about experiences!


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