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Cushions and knee-pads and blocks, oh my! There are so many items available for us to use as props, it may sometimes be easier to not choose any at all. We may think a mat is the only yoga accessory required and even then some of us are quite happy to indulge in a spot of yoga wherever we are, mat or no mat!

However, as with many things in life, sometimes we need a helping hand. This certainly does not mean we are weak or inferior. I use a step stool to reach the top of my wardrobe. Otherwise no amount of jumping and wishing would allow me to retrieve my straw hat/witch disco shoes/headscarves.

Some yoga poses may seem unobtainable. And for the majority of us, we will have our own version of the pose that will be varying degrees of different to the picture in the textbook, or online.

Blocks utilised in teacher training

Sometimes, you need a prop to ensure that you are keeping your body safe and not pushing it too far. A flat hand on a brick or block is better than fingertips striving in empty space. Just as we are all different shapes and sizes, we all have different proportions too, so whether it is a knee-pad, cushion, block or brick, wall or chair or strap or stick, remember a prop is your friend!

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