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Looking Ahead

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I avoided writing anything about COVID-19 for over a year. Wishful thinking and positivity leads me to thinking we are more than past the halfway… Read More »Looking Ahead

Yoga myths

There are many, many articles, webpages and blogs about yoga myths. I do not want to repeat them, but simply provide my point of view… Read More »Yoga myths


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I wrote a previous post about using props in your yoga practice. Modifications are also there to help us. Due to everyone being completely individual,… Read More »Modifications

Switch off

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It’s coming up to an extremely busy time of year for many people. It doesn’t matter that for most things crammed into one month, they… Read More »Switch off

Celebrity Yoga

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You have probably heard of celebrities who do yoga in various forms. David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom, Madonna, Tom Hanks, Beyoncé, Robert Downey Jr… Read More »Celebrity Yoga


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Many people ask me, “When did yoga start?” or “Where did it originate?” and there are many answers available, some more factual than others. But… Read More »History