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In simple terms, a Sankalpa is a positive intention you set for yourself. It can also be viewed as a heartfelt desire or a solemn vow.

Not a resolution

It is often considered similar to the English concept of a resolution, except that it comes from even deeper within and tends to be an affirmation, with each Sankalpa beginning with I am… or I feel… rather than I will… A resolution is something you intend to do, whereas a Sankalpa is something you believe you are and strive to make it part of you. It aims to focus both your body and mind and allow them to work in harmony.

Many choose a Sankalpa and keep it for an extended period of time. Others change it more often. It doesn’t matter, as long as your Sankalpa is specific to you.


I am calm/I feel confident/I practice with kindness/I listen to my body/ I feel strong/I am enough… These are just a few generic examples. Listen to your body and your mind in order to create your own.

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