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Many people ask me, “When did yoga start?” or “Where did it originate?” and there are many answers available, some more factual than others. But my question in response is, “Does it really matter?”

Yoga is about being present in the here and now, not about what you wish you could do or if you can do it better than people in the past. It does not matter. I do have a great interest in history (even more since I married Mark) but after a lot of research and reading, I have come to an understanding that as long as you are practising yoga safely, then any ancient ‘rules’ should not apply.

I foresee some people having issues with this and that is absolutely fine. I do not expect people to agree with me. I do not need people to agree with me. This by no means detracts from any philosophical or spiritual connections that some people have. My main point is that anyone can do yoga, whether you feel a deeper connection to it or not. Surely that is the idea of it being accessible to all?

On a lighter note, imagine trying to do this in medieval times…

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