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Getting older

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Age has always slightly scared me. I’ve never been concerned with my actual age, just the fact that it will increase. No longer do you simply fall over, instead you ‘have a fall’. When I first started to train as a yoga teacher, I remarked that it is something I would always hopefully be able to do, no matter how old I become. ‘When we retire we can go and live in the Spanish mountains and I can teach yoga’ is something along the lines I said to my husband. Regardless of location, or age, I hope to be teaching yoga for a very long time.

Currently, I use my squashy shape to show those who come to my class that you don’t have to look a certain way or be able to balance on one hand. In the future, I will use my age to promote the same belief. So even though I use hair dye to mask the grey hair, through regular yoga practice, my aim is for my body to not grow as old as it could. And if it does…well, I will just modify the poses as needed!


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