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Yoga myths

There are many, many articles, webpages and blogs about yoga myths. I do not want to repeat them, but simply provide my point of view and hopefully bust the myths!

I can’t do yoga because I’m not bendy enough. Everyone has their own range of flexibility, no matter how small it may be. One of my friends can bend himself into impossible shapes, whereas I struggle with some of the simplest backbends. The level of the pose you achieve is the one that is right for you.

It’s just for women. I have taught several males of various ages in my classes. In fact, my husband started doing yoga some years before I did.

I don’t want to chant. If you came to one of my classes, you would not hear any chanting. Some yoga teachers include it and some yoga students like it, but it is not for me. Use the aspects of yoga that you can relate to.

You need expensive clothing. I often teach in a vest and tracksuit trousers or leggings. I will not pay ridiculous over-inflated prices for specialist ‘yoga clothes’. As long as you are comfortable and can move freely, you can pretty much wear what you like! (I taught a class in jeans once as I had forgotten to change my clothes. It wasn’t ideal but it certainly wasn’t a problem!)

It’s just a bit of stretching. Ask anyone who has ever been to any of my classes and they will tell you it is a little bit more involved than that! While the majority of my classes are taught at a steady pace, yoga works all of your muscles, including those ones you thought didn’t exist.

Yoga is a religion. No it isn’t. While it is true that some religious groups are known to practice yoga regularly, yoga itself is not religious.

It’s too easy/hard. You may have already tried a yoga class and decided it wasn’t for you. There are so many different yoga styles and yoga teachers that it make take a while before you find one you like. If you believe a pose to be too easy, or indeed too difficult, there are modifications that can be made to ensure that you do the correct level of pose that is right for you. This is where qualified yoga instructors are handy, as they can tailor the pose for you.

My physical condition prevents it. As previously mentioned, there are modifications that can be made, as well as including props to help you achieve your pose.

Please do not be deterred from yoga by any of the above myths. If you would like to know more about how yoga can benefit you, please get in touch!


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