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Under Pressure

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Christmas. Usually one of my favourite times of the year. However, it’s going to be different for us all this year.

The arrival of December means that I eagerly anticipate settling down with a nice cup of tea or an orange hot chocolate and an appropriately festive book or TV film (Channel 5 has an abundance of them in the run-up to Christmas).

However, as the days of the twelfth month pass, when I do try and sit down to indulge myself, I begin to feel extremely restless. I should be doing something else. I should be doing housework. I should be studying. I should be trying to make presents. Should, should, should. There’s always something else that needs doing. I spend a lot of time promoting to others the benefits of taking time out for yourself. I should not be the exception. Although I think we are all probably guilty to some extent of trying to do too much. The pressure grows. And grows. Until we feel exhausted and run out of energy and out of time.

While many plans have had to be changed and altered, this year really should be the one where we take some of the pressure away. Sit down, have a drink, read a book or simply just rest (it’s not resting if you’re scrolling through social media). And enjoy it!

*Since finishing this blog post, I have successfully managed to watch a whole Christmas film, complete with cup of tea, without any self-imposed interruption. It may have only been for 90 minutes, but it was worth it. I probably won’t do it again until next year!

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